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  • Defacto HR solution tool for many institutions
  • Proven Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) package easily tailored to reflect core competencies of school or institution.
  • Structure admission interviews
  • ProFit HR global tools work effectively in all cultures
  • Measure desired soft skills
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Public Sector
  • Hiring assessment tool for long term fit and performance
  • Objective methodology, for reliability and reducing bias.
  • Screening tool for promotions, role transitions and employee development
  • Employee performance predictor
  • Adaptable hiring assessment tools for hiring all roles
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  • Speeds up HR process by providing interviewers with the right questions for corporate culture fit
  • Assess soft skills, when hiring for soft skills is important
  • Essential tool for group hiring
  • Customizable assessment tools for any profession or industry
  • ProFit HR tools assess top recruiting candidates for long term success.
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“The resources and services available to us from ProFITHR enhanced our ability to maintain the high quality of our admission technique.  The company maintains and expands an excellent bank of relevant stations that are accessed via the portal.”Andrea Cameron, Office of Experimental Education, Faculty Coordinator, Leslie Dan, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

“Having used the ProFitHR products for MMI for over 5 years, we appreciate ProFitHR’s creative infrastructure that consistently develops scenarios addressing the most relevant issues impacting society and medicine today.” Iris Gibbs, MD, Stanford MD Admissions Team

“The scenarios were excellent and easily adapted. The questions and background information provided with each scenario provided interviewers with ample information to help maintain interview dialog. Furthermore, the text covered the nine core attributes that our faculty members had previously determined were essential for PharmD students.”Dr. Richard E. Wilcox, PhD. Assistant Dean for Admissions and Advising and Professor of Neuropharmacology, College of Pharmacy, University of Texas at Austin